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~ Left My Heart In tokyo ~


I think I have never seen such an intriguing city as Tokyo. It is one of the most interesting (in all aspects – culture, art, food, architecture, history, bars), if not the most, cities I have ever visited. So many contrasts: so crowded, yet so clean (you don’t see the smallest rubbish on the streets), so modern, yet so traditional (I loved how all Japanese greet you by bowing), so busy, yet so serene (busiest subway ever yet so structured and calm).

We were there for a week and I have to say, you should definetely visit! So different from every other city I’ve been. On one hand by visiting the temples we indulged in old, traditional Japan and its history, on the other hand just crossing Shibuya made us feel like we live in a world 10 years from now.  

One thing I would definitely suggest you should do is attend a tea ceremony to experience the real history and procedure of making tea in Japan. Drinking green tea, is a very old Japanese tradition and you can’t miss it, was totally worth it!

My favorite area was by far the small streets stretching all around Omotesando, where we also found Brown Rice Café , a great Japanese organic restaurant/café that I suggest you try. We also loved Mori Art Museum and Senso-ji temple!

Tokyo is also famous for its great food and nightlife, so you definitely have to try Japanese cuisine and clubbing! We also suggest you Sometaro restaurant for Okonomiyaki in Asakusa area and Tonkatsu at Gyukatsu restaurant in Akihabara area. As for the dancing, Ageha club is one of the best and kept us going until the early morning hours.

また近いうちにお会いしましょ !  *

*Japanese for see you soon!



Enjoying Tea ceremony wearinng Uranus Playsuit



blog6The cutest babies i’ ve ever seen wearing their traditional costumes

blog8blog7A walk to Imperial Palace garden wearing our Fave ‘Who’s the gloss’ metalic skirt and a pair of sneakers

blog10blog9Mori Art Museum wearing Gemini Bomber Jacket

blog11Night walking in The streets of Tokyo 


blog14Senso-ji temple

blog4blog16Strolling around Tokyo city wearing our Limited Edition Faux Fur 


Eating one of the best Sushi ever in Tsukiji fish Market


Experience the Beautiful Torii Gates Tunnel at Hie Shrine In Akasaka


Bad fortunes and Good luck! Best wishes messages left behind


Kabuki traditional art Theatre which means “song & dance technique”

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♥ who’s the gloss metalic skirt 

♥ Gemini bomber jacket

♥ Leo faux fur jacket

 Uranus playsuit

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