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~ Paris Je t’aime ~



Ohh Paris..What a city and is true what they say ”La Ville des Lumières” The city of lights! If you’ve had the chance to visit Paris already, you’ll know that it’s a one-of-a-kind place, full of charm and surprises! Its no wonder Paris said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world thats why it seems to be  everyone’s dream! Stroll through the city as well as the charming streets of Montmartre and the Marais and you will feel the magic! You can’t get lost, there is always something beautiful around the corner! The tower Eiffel is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world and if you have the chance to see it sparkle at night is just pure magic. If you haven’t experienced it yet then definetely add it to your bucket list!

Hope you will enjoy   Until next time



Under the tower Eiffel wearing Astra Red Sweater 

Strolling around the street of Paris in Diana Blazer   and matchy Diana Pants

Matching Moulin Rouge with our Astra Red Sweater 

The best outfit from day to night outfit Kassiopia Jean Jumpsuit  

What a better choice than this Argo Dress for a casual day in Paris.

Beautiful Lamic in tolal Mallory outfit Astra Black Sweater and Galaxy Tulle Skirt 

Take your bicycle like Iona and go for a ride throught the city wearing the  ♥Astra Black Sweater

For the cold Days in Paris Lamic chooses the  Gravity Pink Coat

The Absolute slip sequin dress ♥ Calypso Sequin Dress 

Iona wearing her  ♥Moonchild Pants and ♥Stardust Top 

~ ALL PHOTO CREDITS TO @val_schiza ~


Astra Red Sweater 

♥ Calypso Sequin Dress 

Gravity Pink Coat 

Astra Black Sweater

Galaxy Tulle Skirt 

Kassiopia Jean Jumpsuit

♥Moonchild Pants and ♥Stardust Top



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