Jordan Story


~ One of the 7 wonders ~



One thing for sure is that this trip made us Feel a lot like Indiana Jones!  Is one of that places that you immediately fell for… Jordan  the jewel of the middle east is an incredible place to visit and a dreamy destination! Is one of the oldest maps in the world and walk through this magical corridor, as it snakes its way towards the hidden city and iconic ruins of UNESCO World heritage, is one full of anticipation for the wanderers! The desert is otherworldly with an epic landscape that leaves you breathless, the sandstone mountains of the Wadi Rum and the jeep safari strolls around the desert in order to find the perfect spot for photo-shooting was one of the best experiences! The conditions weren’t so ideal, the temperature was minus, it was raining cats and dogs, even snowing one day (avoid February) but we did it in the end. Here is just a small taste of our trip behind the scenes with some unpublished footage just for you!

P.S One of the highlights is watching the sunset over the swirling sands changing colors! That’s pure was magic…

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Hope you will enjoy ?Until next time



~ ALL PHOTO CREDITS TO @val_schiza 




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