Milan Story


~ Nostalgia de Milan ~


They say that Milan is not pretty… Well, please allow us to disagree. It may not have Rome’s eternal beauty but it has an amazing vibe, a marvellous lifestyle, beautiful people, a wonderful city centre, glorious stores and superb nightlife! And since very recently, Mallory is also there! In the most beautiful area of Milan, right in the centre of artistic Brera, at Madzone concept store!

We were there to celebrate and we took the chance to also walk around Corso Como (do not forget to visit Corso Como 10), eat the most delicious panzerotto at Luini, visit Museo del Novecento  to have the most amazing view of Duomo and eat aperitivo at Elita bar at the beautiful Navigli area!

Milano, we will definitely be back very soon! Arrivederci!


Walking around Piazza del Duomo, eating Panzerotto @luini

milan2Novecento museum



milan4Strolling around the streets of Milan wearing Cronus pants and a pair of metalic sneakers 


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – Don’t forget to twirl around on the “bull’s balls” for good luck



A walk to Castello Sforzesco


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