Seychelles Story


~ Seychelles ~



Paradise found… We travelled to one of our dream destination and yeeees is Seychelles! There’s something magical about this dreamy destination. There’s a reason why they call  Seychelles “paradise on earth” and you’ll find it out as soon as you arrive. A paradise quite like this, with perfect, and I mean PERFECT, white-sand beaches everywhere, turquoise water and those otherworldly rocks surrounded by a jungle tropical landscape! The Palm Jungle is one of the most spectacular we have ever seen and has often been described as a “Garden of Eden” thanks to its secluded and mystical nature…. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to endemic species like the giant tortoises and to the famous Coco de Mer palm tree! La Digue the smallest of the three islands, is gorgeous in every way imaginable, everyone gets around on bicycle careless and free. Of course the first thing we did is to visit the famous Source d’Argent beach, often ranked as the most beautiful beach in the world and we can’t blame them. This island trust us will make you wanna stay all day long on the beach lounging in the sun and snorkel into the turquoise waters! Oh did we mention, it was so HOT? Very hot! And what to do if you’re sweating all over? Order a coconut :=) And we so did… yummiiiii

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