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Bali was never on the top of my travel bucket list. I have been to Asia many times and I had heard mixed critics about Bali so I had decided that I would go there once I had been to my other “travel priorities”. Fortunately, I have a very persistent and convincing friend so I spent 10 days of the last month in paradise! And trust me, all I was thinking was what an amazing trip I would have missed had it not been for her!

Bali is I think the only place in Asia that combines decent beaches, amazing nightlife for all tastes (Uluwatu with the parties at Single Fin much more my style vs the frantic nightlife of Seminyak), culture, yoga, meditation and amazing food.

The sunsets are stunning – be sure to visit Balangan beach, my personal favorite and stay up until sunset. This is also a great place to surf, or if you are not a fan you can just gaze at the surfers – pretty nice view I would say! 😉

Another place not to miss is Single Fin at Uluwatu – you can go in the early afternoon and stay until late, mixing with all the travelers and the surfers that go up there after an exhausting day in the sea waves. You can enjoy an amazing view of the Indian ocean and a great sunset. Also, try the Nalu bowls next to Single Fin. And since you are at Uluwatu, take some time to visit the temple – the views are spectacular (although you don’t see much of the temple).

Uluwatu was my favorite place in Bali, followed by Ubud. Be sure to eat at Locavore, truly a dining experience with a 7- dishes menu and of course visit the rice terraces, especially the Tegalalang one. We also went to the top of Mount Batur, a good 4 hours hiking, to watch the view at sunrise. If you are into hiking, it is an experience, otherwise I must say that the sunrise is not so worth the hike.

And since the route to Bali goes through Singapore, we decided to stay there for a day as well. Be sure to visit Marina Bay Sands, for stunning views of the whole Singapore, the Botanical Gardens and the Gardens by the Bay.




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